The Allston Civic Association's purpose is to provide a regular consistent public forum for residents of the Allston-Brighton community to voice their individual ideas and concerns and to translate those ideas and concerns into effective, constructive action. The Allston Civic Association will speak and act as an advocacy-action group on any and all issues that directly affect the quality of life in or the aesthetic or physical change of the Allston-Brighton community. The Allston Civic Association is committed to preserving and promoting the identity of the Allston-Brighton community as a clearly defined, viable and valuable residential section of the City of Boston. Because of its extensive, diverse membership and consistent growth over the past sixty years, and its experience in reacting to the demands, needs and concerns of Allston-Brighton residents, the Allston Civic Association will continue to speak, negotiate and act on behalf of the Allston-Brighton community. The Association will continue to take a public stand on any and all issues that might affect Allston-Brighton while willingly and naturally holding itself accountable to community concerns and therefore confidence. All Association meetings are open to Allston-Brighton residents. 


Founded in 1962, by Joseph M Smith, the Allston Civic Association was initially created as a direct response to the extension of the Massachusetts Turnpike through Allston Brighton. Since inception, the ACA has built a fantastic network within the greater Allston Brighton community, working together and pooling resources in order to help fulfill our mission.